Not your average body wash.
Wet them in your hands to create a lather and then rub all over your body, including your hair if you want an eco-friendly shampoo bar.



  • Soothing
  • Conditioning
  • Refreshing

The eco-friendliest cleanser you could imagine, this pebble not only disappears to nothing, it comes in recyclable paper so by using it you’re doing good things for your skin and the environment. Not to be mistaken for soap, this bar is actually a concentrated body wash so there’s no Lye in it – one of the ingredients that’s traditionally used to make the lather but also disrupts the skin’s pH, causing it to become dry and irritated. Instead we use coconut cleansers that are rich, creamy and suitable for all skin types. They’re also pH-balanced so you can use them everywhere on your body, even your hair! Available in our original creamy scent, simple tastes of the tropics Citrus and Coconut, along with three cocktail-inspired aromas – Sweet Bellini, Creamy Colada and Zesty Mojito. You’ll feel like you’re at a Tiki bar in the Bahamas rather than your bathroom!

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Scented, Un-Scented


Unlike soap which is alkaline and can be drying and irritating on the skin, these pebbles use a compressed coconut derived cleanser that balances the pH of your skin and leaves it soft and healthy. They still lather beautifully but when the water stops there will be none of those tight, taut feelings you can sometimes get after washing. The addition of shea butter also means your skin will be getting a dollop of moisture while the essential oil blends smell totally dreamy.


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