SUN SOOTHE cooling aftersun lotion 200ml


Chilled out vibes all the way.

Apply to areas that have been exposed to sun as frequently as required. Don’t forget your neck and shoulders and tops of your feet!

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  • Soothing
  • Nourishing
  • Refreshing

When the temperature drops but your skin is still feeling the heat, you need to bathe it in cooling anti-inflammatory ingredients that will repair and soothe. In our nourishing aftersun lotion, refreshing aloe vera juice and menthol act like a rush of cold water to stop any burning sensations, bisabolol and vitamin E soothe any soreness and calendula extract calms inflammation. Topping up any areas of moisture loss and keeping the skin softened using natural oils, even if you aren’t experiencing any redness or flushing, using this product will give your tan a lifeline, ensuring it sticks around for longer.

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Too much sun can leave a sting in your skin which is why we’ve designed our 100% natural aftersun to ease and aid any tightness or tingling. Providing an immediate cooling feeling and minty freshness, thanks to the aloe vera and menthol, while they work on the sensory measures, bisabolol, vitamin E and calendula fight any inflammation caused by sun exposure that appears as redness. Golden jojoba and fractionated coconut oil along with hyaluronic acid stop skin from feeling or appearing parched while plant humectants keep moisture in and help to stop your tan from fading. An easily absorbed gel lotion with zero stickiness, it dries fast too so you don’t have to wait long for the benefits to begin.


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